1 Parade - Give me a high five

1 Parade - Give me a high five

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I feel it coming from my head to my feet
I see the people going crazy on the streets tonight
Let me take you for a holiday, that you wont forget
(a holiday you will not forget)

And if youre ready for a foreign affair
мероприятие, роман, событие
The drums are beating and the flags are
flying up into the air (flying up)
Dont you miss it boy, if you hate regrets
So Give me a high five дай пять
For now is the time to celebrate
Time for a game
Time for a fame
Time for a marching parade маршировать
Were kicking a party делаем тусовку
And I know its just gonna be great
Time for a game
Time for a fame слава, популярность
Time for a marching parade
Joy parade

I dont care what your name is не волнует
I dont give a damn what your team is
Lets make some noise start shaking the hall
Celebrate celebrate EASY SCHOOL

Whos gonna weep about losing рыдать
Raise your glass, its time for a bruising
Lets raise some hell, start breaking the walls
Celebrate celebrate all night long

Hey, can you see
Fireworks in the sky
Hey, do you feel
We beat the drums, the flags are flying high
I wanna scream from the top of my lungs
That Ill be there
Yes well be there

Клип Lineage 2 High Five (Emerald-game.ru ) Ghost Hunter\Adventurer\Wind Rider Olympiad
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